The First Peach Blossoms

Paul Richards
2 min readApr 16, 2022


March 10–14, Hunenberg, CH
Seasonal Memoir #62

Regal dog, Kiwi

It’s unnerving enough to take a trip to see the dentist (at no fault of their own), but to see your two children go in to get four wisdom teeth out each, is something very different. Parental worrying has its evolutionary roots, and it makes you think what 99% of the previous generations did when dentists (as we know them at least) didn’t exist. It made us thankful to be in a part of the world where medical services are top-notch, and we were heartened that the kids chose to get the procedures done together. Everything went smoothly, though our daughter’s recovery was rough, lasting longer than normal. Hard to watch your kids suffer, but they’ll have a story now, right (and perhaps a little bit of added grit)?

At the risk of further boring this meager audience, I again foray into the evolution of my eating habits and diet. After a horrendous approach to eating (fried, sugar, carbs) in my youth, I’m slowly getting to a better place. This gap year has allowed me to experiment. Here’s where I’m at:

  • 98% Vegetarian diet, with substitutions and moderation to make it about 95% Vegan.
  • Oat milk (it’s not as bad as I remember it being) instead of regular milk for cereal and coffee
  • Eggs every other day or so (I just adore eggs! Are they bad for me?)
  • Vegan block instead of butter
  • Cheese on occasion (mostly on pizza)
  • Salmon on occasion (do I go with wild and its mercury, or farmed with its antibiotics?)
  • Sugar, alcohol, chocolate, white flour, and peanut butter in moderation — these are my traps
  • A nice steak on my birthday

While I think most food documentaries are filled to the brim with hyperbole (to sell), they never fail to make an impact. I guess what’s important is to continue to experiment with what you consume and how it makes you feel, get data from regular physicals and blood tests, deal with your stress, and live a life of moderation (in everything!).

Not so regal after falling into a big pile of manure on the farm



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