The Praying Mantis Hatches

  1. Chasing animals smaller than him — small birds, chipmunks, mice — presumably to eat
  2. Barking at animals larger than him — humans, cars — presumably to warn them that he’ll do absolutely nothing if they approach the house other than growl and stare them down
  3. Stunned silence — wild turkeys — these do the rounds in the neighborhood each morning and evening, and Kiwi looks terrified in sizing up these creatures… ha.
Do you see the wren? (Author’s image)
  • Engaging in a summer “camp” for Global Online Academy for new teachers, learning how to teach an asynchronous course online (I’m teaching Positive Psychology in the fall)
  • Transition planning retreats and other tasks (like learning German!) for the International School of Zug & Luzern (I’ll be interim HS Principal for the next school year)
  • Transition planning meetings and other tasks for the American School of Bombay (I’m the incoming Head of School for 2022)
  • Finishing up appraisals, grading my students, and other odds & ends for the American School of Dubai (the end is nigh)
Colorado State University — author’s image



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Paul Richards

Paul Richards


Having some fun blogging, taking the writing seriously, but not myself.